Toppings Containers to Compliment Your Soft Serve Equipment

All self-serve frozen yogurt shops that allow customers to help themselves to frozen yogurt by way of soft serve equipment must also feature display containers for frozen yogurt toppings. Nicely organized display containers allow customers to see what your shop has to offer. Toppings containers should be easy to access as well as organized so that customers of all ages can easily serve themselves.

After customers use your soft serve equipment to self-dispense as many frozen yogurt flavors as they desire, their next stop is the shop’s toppings area. Most shops feature three types of toppings: dry, wet and hot. Your shop may or may not want to offer all three types – but in general, the more choices you give customers the more you will sell.

Toppings display containers should be strategically located near your soft serve equipment so that it’s easy for customers to use the soft serve equipment and then head straight to the toppings. Many shops are organized so that customers have access to the soft serve equipment first, then the dry toppings, the wet toppings, and finally the hot toppings. This order is logical for many reasons.

Dry, Wet and Hot Toppings Containers
Candy Concepts, Inc. describes toppings containers that are best to use in a frozen yogurt shop as follows, “Brightly-colored toppings lining the walls or counters of your yogurt shop in dispensers will create the lively, fun environment all on their own! While the up-front cost is higher on these models, in the long run, they will wind up saving you money.”

These types of containers can either be wall-mounted or presented in bar-style manner. Also, bins that are designed to hold hot toppings are available in both acrylic and plastic models. Acrylic might be more expensive, but it tends to be more durable and will last longer.

How to Organize Your Toppings?
When it comes to the organization of your toppings, you should put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Once they self-serve their frozen yogurt from your soft serve equipment, which toppings do you think they will want to add first, second, third, etc? Typically, large toppings should be added to the cup first, followed by smaller toppings. Hot toppings such as chocolate syrup and caramel are usually added last.

Soft serve equipment that is available for customers as a self-serve option should always be paired with an ample self-serve toppings bar. The manner in which you display your toppings can make a huge difference to your profit potential.

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