To Eat Frozen Yogurt or to Eat Hard Ice Cream… That is the Question!

When faced with the debate over whether to go out for frozen yogurt or for regular old- fashioned ice cream, deciding which to choose can be difficult. Frozen yogurt and regular ice cream are both cold, refreshing, and delicious treats. But deciding which to select is not always easy. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on why you should choose frozen yogurt over traditional ice cream.

Top Four Reasons for Choosing Frozen Yogurt Over Traditional Ice Cream:

It’s Healthier. When you enter a frozen yogurt shop and make your way to the self-serve serve frozen yogurt machines inside of the shop, it’s nice to know that you are about to eat a dessert with ingredients that are lower in fat than those found in traditional ice cream. Also, when you turn the handle on frozen yogurt machine to self-dispense your serving, you can rest assured that your choice most likely contains a higher nutrition level than hard ice cream.

It’s Customizable. When you go to a traditional ice cream shop, a worker behind the counter scoops your ice cream into a cup or cone and then adds the toppings you select. With frozen yogurt, you are in charge of your serving, which comes directly from the soft serve frozen yogurt machine you operate yourself. You can serve yourself as little or as much as you want, and you can even mix and match flavors from more than one soft serve machine. ┬áMost frozen yogurt shops contain a toppings bar that is loaded with options – and you’re able to pick and choose as many or as few as you ┬álike.

Cup or Cone? The Choice is up to You. Traditional ice cream shops usually allow you to select a cake cone, a sugar cone, a waffle cone, or a paper cup to hold your ice cream. And frozen yogurt shops also offer the same options! Dispensing your own frozen yogurt through a selection of soft serve frozen yogurt machines is much more fun than having a shop worker dole out your dessert for you.

People of All Ages Love FroYo. No matter how young or old, almost everyone can find flavors and toppings they like at frozen yogurt shops. If a small child wants a small amount of chocolate and a large amount of vanilla in his or her cup, it’s easy to fill a cup or cone with these two flavors that may come from two different soft serve frozen yogurt machines. If an adult wants to keep his or her serving on the healthier side with the addition of fresh fruit toppings, these choices are available in most shops. The extensive variety of flavors and toppings at frozen yogurt shops makes FroYo a favorite for people of all ages!

What are your top reasons for choosing frozen yogurt over traditional hard ice cream? Do you enjoy operating self-serve frozen yogurt machines the most?

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