The Slurpee® – Straight from a Frozen Beverage Dispenser to Your Mouth!

May has finally arrived, which means summer will start in about one and a half months. For obvious reasons, summer is the most popular time of year when consumers demand frozen beverages. There is simply no better time to order a frozen drink than on a steaming hot day.

We know it’s a little bit early for you to mark your calendars for an event that won’t take place for three months, but we also know the extreme popularity of 7-Eleven Day – and we don’t want you to miss it! For many consecutive years, July 11th has been the day that 7-Eleven convenience stores give away free 7.11- ounce Slurpee drinks to all store visitors (at participating locations) to commemorate the chain’s anniversary. This year, 7-Eleven will celebrate its 87th anniversary of the year it was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1927.

Since the yearly 7-Eleven Day celebration started in 2002, when 7-Eleven turned 75, the day of July 11th has become very popular among individuals who love drinks that come from a frozen beverage dispenser.

On July 11th, the frozen beverage equipment in 7-Eleven stores throughout North America typically dispense millions of free Slurpees into special cups that are designed to hold approximately 7.11 ounces of Slurpee – a carbonated frozen beverage that is loved by people across the world.

Following are some fun facts about the Slurpee – a drink that comes from a frozen beverage dispenser at 7-Eleven convenience stores – as published on 7-Eleven’s corporate website:

  • The most Slurpee beverages are sold in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, followed by the greater Detroit, Michigan area.
  • The #1 store in the world for Slurpee drink sales is located in Kennewick, Wash.
  • 7-Eleven guests sip almost 13 million Slurpee beverages each month.
  • Favorite Slurpee flavors are Coca-Cola and Minute Maid Cherry.
  • Since introduced in 1966, close to 6.5 billion Slurpee drinks have been sold, almost enough for every person on the planet.

It’s not uncommon to find mobs of day camps and counselors at 7-Eleven locations on 7-Eleven Day. Hoards of children and their entire sports teams, and groups of kids from nearby schools and parks all gather around 7-Eleven’s frozen beverage equipment waiting in line to fill their free Slurpee cups. In fact, there are rumors that people travel between 7-Eleven locations throughout the day on July 11th by foot, car, bicycle, skateboard and all other modes of transportation in their quest to obtain as many free 7.11 ounce Slurpee frozen beverages as possible.

In previous years, free Slurpee frozen beverages have been available to visitors from 11 am until 7 pm on July 11th – while supplies last. So make sure to  visit your local 7-Eleven early in the day to ensure your chance of securing your favorite Slurpee flavor – for free!

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