A Few Things Typical Customers Like Best About their Favorite Frozen Yogurt Shop

If you are a thinking about opening a new frozen yogurt business or if you are a current frozen yogurt shop owner, you may have wondered why people choose specific froyo shops over others – and then label those shops as their favorites. Why do some people prefer Pinkberry over Yogurtini, or why do some […]

It’s All About a Frozen Yogurt Shop’s Location!

Frozen soft serve yogurt.Last week we posted an article about how schools around the United States are offering frozen yogurt for sale in their lunch cafeterias. We talked about the fact that students are opting for frozen yogurt over more caloric and less healthy snack choices. Frozen yogurt has become one of the top choices in schools because […]

Frozen Yogurt Available at Airports Around the World!

Airport Frozen Yogurt OptionsA press release distributed by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) in 2012 stated, “The Federal Aviation Administration released its annual forecast today projecting airline passenger travel will nearly double in the next 20 years.” Additionally, “According to the forecast, the total number of people flying commercially on U.S. airlines will increase by 0.2 percent to […]