Delightful Statistics and Interesting Facts Related to Frozen Yogurt Machines

Delightful Statistics and Interesting Facts Related to Frozen Yogurt MachinesIf you want to learn more about the frozen yogurt industry and how frozen yogurt machines can be used to build your business, make sure to spend a few moments reading an article recently published on The article, entitled 23 Frozen Yogurt Industry Statistics That Will Delight You, highlights many interesting and encouraging facts […]

How to Make Money With Your Frozen Yogurt Shop

If you are thinking about opening an independent frozen yogurt shop or a froyo franchise – or if you already have one – you no doubt want your business venture to make money. Even if you want to be involved in the frozen yogurt industry simply for the love of soft serve frozen yogurt machines, […]

Frozen Yogurt Birthday Parties are the Newest Craze!

Just about every kid in America has cake and ice cream on his or her birthday. But it’s such a chore for mom and dad to 1) order a birthday cake ahead of time, 2) pick up the cake the day of the party, 3) go to the grocery store and buy ice cream, 4) […]

Just a Few Reasons Frozen Yogurt is FUN

No matter what, you have to admit that frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream can be described as “fun.” But why is this particular word used so often to describe these frozen treats? We decided to ask a few fans exactly why they think frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream are fun, and […]

Marketing Ideas for Your Frozen Yogurt Business

This is a great time of year to implement fresh and new advertising, marketing, and promotional ideas for your frozen yogurt business. With Memorial Day just around the corner, people all over the country have warm weather on their minds. Along with warm weather comes longer daylight hours and a summertime mentality. And you know […]

To Eat Frozen Yogurt or to Eat Hard Ice Cream… That is the Question!

When faced with the debate over whether to go out for frozen yogurt or for regular old- fashioned ice cream, deciding which to choose can be difficult. Frozen yogurt and regular ice cream are both cold, refreshing, and delicious treats. But deciding which to select is not always easy. For the purpose of this article, […]

Good Employees Will Know How to Operate Your Frozen Yogurt Machines

When you open a brand new frozen yogurt shop, or when you hire new employees for your restaurant that offers soft serve ice cream, it’s essential that you select individuals who know how to operate a soft serve machine or are willing to learn. Most soft serve frozen yogurt equipment is simple to operate, and […]

Will Groupon or other On-Line Group Coupons or “Deals” Help You Promote Your Frozen Yogurt Machines and Frozen Beverage Dispenser?

Groupon stands for “Group Coupon.” Groupon is a company with a mission “…to become the world’s commerce operating system. By connecting buyers and sellers through price and discovery, we have the opportunity to become one of the world’s essential companies, a daily habit for our customers and merchant partners.” By making it possible for businesses […]

How to Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt Without Using a Machine

Peach Frozen YogurtWe are SpacemanUSA – one of the world’s leading providers of frozen yogurt machines and soft serve ice cream machines to customers such as frozen yogurt franchises, convenience stores, and restaurants. Naturally, we believe every person around the world should have easy access to soft serve machines at any given moment so that cravings for […]

Frozen Yogurt Available at Airports Around the World!

Airport Frozen Yogurt OptionsA press release distributed by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) in 2012 stated, “The Federal Aviation Administration released its annual forecast today projecting airline passenger travel will nearly double in the next 20 years.” Additionally, “According to the forecast, the total number of people flying commercially on U.S. airlines will increase by 0.2 percent to […]