The SlurpeeĀ® – Straight from a Frozen Beverage Dispenser to Your Mouth!

May has finally arrived, which means summer will start in about one and a half months. For obvious reasons, summer is the most popular time of year when consumers demand frozen beverages. There is simply no better time to order a frozen drink than on a steaming hot day. We know it’s a little bit […]

Adding a Frozen Beverage Dispenser Can be Very Profitable for Your Business

Spaceman 6690Are you thinking about adding frozen beverage equipment to your restaurant, convenience store, frozen yogurt shop, bar, catering service or any other type of establishment? If so, you probably already realize the profit potential associated with offering frozen beverages on your menu. Adding a frozen beverage dispenser can prove to be a very lucrative venture […]

The ICEE Frozen Beverage Dispenser Was Invented More than 50 Years Ago

You’ve seen it at movie theaters, you’ve seen it at amusement parks. You’ve seen it in countless other places too. What is it? It’s the ICEE. Anywhere an ICEE frozen beverage dispenser exists, you can be sure there are kids begging their parents for this special frozen treat. With popular flavors like cherry and blue […]

Will Groupon or other On-Line Group Coupons or “Deals” Help You Promote Your Frozen Yogurt Machines and Frozen Beverage Dispenser?

Groupon stands for “Group Coupon.” Groupon is a company with a mission “…to become the world’s commerce operating system. By connecting buyers and sellers through price and discovery, we have the opportunity to become one of the world’s essential companies, a daily habit for our customers and merchant partners.” By making it possible for businesses […]