Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines and Franchise Opportunities

The words “soft serve ice cream machines” are synonymous with franchise opportunities. Soft serve ice cream machines are utilized within frozen yogurt franchises, soft serve ice cream franchises, fast food franchises, and many other types of franchise establishments. If you are looking to open a franchise that requires soft serve ice cream machines, you will be encouraged by the fact that some of the best franchise opportunities that currently exist within the United States and worldwide involve the presence of soft serve ice cream machines.

In early 2014, published an article on its website entitled Top Business Trends for 2014. The author of the article states the following about franchises that require soft serve ice cream machines:

“One of the things I’ve been watching is the trend towards self-serve. Franchisors in the frozen dessert segment are the ones that have really been focusing on self-serve, especially frozen yogurt franchises.”

The author specifically points out the following franchises: The Fuzzy Peach, Menchie’s, FroyoWorldCherryBerry Self Service Yogurt BarYoGo FactoryYogurtland, and Zinga!

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines in Provide Many Opportunities
The website believes that soft serve ice cream machines and frozen yogurt franchises are a fast-growing category in the dessert industry and an exciting option to consider if you are hoping to open a franchise in the near future.

In an article published on its website entitled Best Frozen Yogurt Franchise Opportunities in the USA, the organization says, “As the frozen yogurt industry has matured, the leading frozen yogurt franchises have maintained growth not only by continuing to expand their footprint across the USA, but by expanding their menu offerings as well. The popular topping bar concept, for example, is becoming an industry standard, and many frozen yogurt franchises have begun to offer products such as vitamin-enriched smoothies, froyo cakes, and other similar treats.”

Add More than Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines?
Many soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt franchises have started to add more items to their menu in order to diversify. For example, some are adding various dessert-like drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee and various types of frozen beverages. Others are adding baked goods such as cookies, cakes, pies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and brownies. The addition of smoothies to menus is also becoming more common.

Franchise Opportunities
There are many soft serve and frozen yogurt franchise opportunities currently available. The decision on the specific franchise to select depends on your evaluation of several factors. One of the most important considerations might be related to start-up costs. Some franchise agreements are more expensive than others, and may or may not include soft serve ice cream machines. For more information about the costs involved in opening a franchise, make sure to visit a website such as

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