Are Your Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Machines Ready for Fall?

It’s October, which means your soft serve frozen yogurt machines have endured a lot of use over the past few months. Summer is typically the busiest season for the frozen yogurt industry. The hot weather during the summer months elicits cravings for cold treats. People of all ages venture to local frozen yogurt shops during the summer for a break from the heat. It’s common for customers of all ages to crave all types of flavors offered in soft serve frozen yogurt machines. During the summer, soft serve frozen yogurt machines see a lot of action. But summer is now over, which means business is starting to decrease.


Cold Weather Always Results in Slower Business

Even though shop owners would love hoards of customers year-round, it can be hard to draw as many customers when it’s cold outside. Frozen yogurt is cold. And not everybody is looking for a frozen treat when it’s cold outside. Therefore, it’s important to prepare your soft serve frozen yogurt machines for the fall and winter seasons. Expecting winter sales of frozen yogurt to match summer sales can be unrealistic. However, there is no reason that your revenue stream has to suffer. There are several options when it comes to increasing business during the cold months!


Offer Warm Alternatives to Frozen Yogurt

No matter the season, people still crave dessert and soft serve frozen yogurt machines. Some frozen yogurt shops do not rely as heavily on their soft serve frozen yogurt machines when the outdoor weather is cold. According to an article published on’s website, there are ways to conquer the challenges of fall and winter. The article, entitled How to Heat Up FroYo, Warm Treats Boost Sales During Cold Months, there are several frozen yogurt shops around the United States that now carry warm treats during the winter.


The article discusses Chicago-based frozen yogurt franchise Forever Yogurt. According to the article, Forever Yogurt offers a line of gourmet hot chocolate called Froth during the winter months. Also mentioned in the article is Alabama-based frozen yogurt chain 32 a Frozen Yogurt Bar which offers a line of warm desserts called Bottomz. The choices in the Bottomz line include chocolate lava cake, fudge-filled chocolate chip cookie, and apple pie. Any of the warm desserts can be served with or without frozen yogurt on top.


What Will Your Frozen Yogurt Shop Serve This Winter?

Your soft serve frozen yogurt machines will undoubtedly see action this winter. But what else can a shop offer during the cold months besides soft serve frozen yogurt machines? There are many choices, and the key is to offer dessert items that are fresh, warm and delicious. Items that go well with frozen yogurt are optimal. Allowing customers the option of pairing soft serve frozen yogurt machines along with their warm treat is the most advantageous path you can take.

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