Shake Machine Buying Guide

shake_machine_buying_guideOwners are cashing in on the significant profits which can be made from soft serve and shake machines. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like one of these frozen desserts, and as a result, soft serve and shake machines are showing up in restaurants, convenience stores, and coffee shops. Want to get in on the soft serve party?

The process of locating and purchasing the proper soft serve or shake machine can be made quite easy with the correct guidance. Spaceman USA, a manufacturer of both soft serve and shake machines, dedicates itself to providing its customers with an easy, well informed purchasing experience. We’ve gathered some of the top considerations which Spaceman USA offers to their customers when purchasing a soft serve or shake machine.

How much frozen dessert do you need?

Are you opening a soft serve ice cream shop where the frozen dessert that you serve will be the main attraction? Or, are you planning on offering soft serve or shakes in addition to some other fare? Desired volume plays a significant part in the decision process.


Countertop shake and soft serve machines can be moved more easily than larger floor models. One drawback of the countertop machine is that they traditionally produce less than the floor models. The smallest countertop machine produces 40 quarts of frozen dessert an hour, which is suitable for a convenience store or a restaurant setting.

Spaceman USA has many sizes and varieties of machine available to suit all of your soft serve and shake needs.


What kind of power supply does your shake machine need? A few of the larger machines need higher-voltage sockets. This particular consideration should be made if you are planning on creating a high-volume frozen dessert establishment. Each machine at the Spaceman USA site has their electrical specifications listed or easy reading.


What kind of space requirements does your shake machine have? Every machine has its own footprint. If the space is too small, you’re blocking off ventilation to the machine – and it has to work harder. Too much space around it, and there is the issue of efficiency and using your space wisely.

Spaceman USA has after-market ventilation equipment which can be used to make their machine fit into a variety of situations and configurations.

Ongoing Costs

Aside from the initial costs of the machine, every machine has costs of operation. This includes power, water, and specialized mixes which will work in the machine. Spaceman USA offers a leasing option for those who would like to try it out, and many shake machine dealers can make arrangements for payment plans. This lessens the initial expense. By having a Spaceman USA machine, you are choosing to have a top quality machine at a reasonable price.


Can you use any shake mix or does your machine prefer a special variety? How many flavors and what kind of variety do you plan to have? Do you want to start a new trend with mochi bits or will you stick with tried and true ingredients like chocolate sauce? Your ingredient costs will need to be factored into your overall costs.


Once you have the machine in your shop, your employees are going to have to work with it every day. How easy is your shake machine to clean? Are you going to be washing or rinsing parts for hours, or can you simply slide them through the dishwasher? Spaceman USA has easy to clean stainless steel parts.


Are the how-to guides for disassembly and reassembly easy to understand? What kinds of training videos does your manufacturer have? Are there hands-on training segments available to you when you purchase the machine? What about a manufacturer who has a large technical service department? Spaceman USA loves teaching their customers about their machines.


Sometimes, it’s necessary to disassemble and reassemble your shake machine. A skilled shake machine salesperson should have answers for all of the questions that you have while you’re putting your machine back together. Spaceman USA has a trained staff which is very knowledgeable, able to help you during every stage of the process.

By getting the right machine in your shop, you are developing a relationship which will be profitable for years to come. As the frozen dessert trend continues to sweep the nation, Spaceman USA will be there for you.

Contact Spaceman USA for more information on purchasing a shake machine. We can be reached at (888) 610-5520, or on our website at or via email at info(at)


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