If You Serve Hamburgers, You Simply Must Have a Shake Machine

Does your restaurant specialize in serving hamburgers? Is your restaurant considered a diner? If either of these facts is true, you simply must have a shake machine. Milkshakes and hamburgers go together like peas and carrots. Like salt and pepper. Like pancakes and syrup! Serving delicious hamburgers without offering a thick milkshake that was made in a professional shake machine can be a recipe for disaster in the United States.

History of the Shake Machine
Americans love milkshakes. The history of milkshakes in this country goes back to the late 1800s. During that era, milkshakes were usually served with alcohol and had the consistency of egg nog.  But by the early 1900s, milkshakes became more wholesome and were made with ice cream and flavored syrup. With the invention of the hand mixer, milkshakes quickly grew in popularity.

During the 1940s and 1950s, milkshakes became even more popular because diners and drugstores with lunch counters began serving milkshakes that were made in a shake machine that was on display for everyone to see. In the following decades, more milkshake varieties were offered because advanced shake machines had the ability to create drinks of different consistencies. The “concrete” was invented – which is a milk shake drink that does not fall out of the cup, even when the cup is turned upside down.

Today  milkshakes are available in restaurants of all types and sizes across the United States. This partially due to Americans loving them, and partially due to the fact that milkshakes pair very well with hamburgers. And there are many, many restaurants that feature hamburgers in this country.

From fast food establishments to independently-owned specialty restaurants, milkshakes fit very well into menus everywhere. And today’s shake machines make it quick and easy for restaurant workers and chefs to create delicious treats for customers in just a few short minutes.

Want to Add a Shake Machine to Your Restaurant?
Don’t let the idea of adding a shake machine to your restaurant overwhelm you. A shake machine has a very manageable size, and a shake machine is easy to use and clean. Your employees will not have difficulty learning how to make delicious milkshakes for your customers.

It’s important to remember that if your restaurant serves a particular type of food (e.g. hamburgers), your customers will expect you to also offer treats such as milkshakes. These two menu items simply go very well together. Milkshakes are a cost-effective item that can be quite profitable for any restaurant.

A milkshake can serve as a beverage that is ordered along with a meal, or it can be offered as a dessert. Rest assured… your customers will greatly appreciate this menu item!

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