Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Machines Are Popular RIGHT NOW!

There is an on-going debate related to frozen yogurt machines. Should they be self-serve or should a frozen yogurt shop offer behind-the-counter full service? Since the rise popularity of frozen yogurt over the past few decades, shops around the world have tried both approaches. Which is the best? There might not be a definite answer to this question.

An article recently published on the Chicago Tribune’s website entitled Frozen Yogurt: Self-Serve Trend Catches On discusses this very topic in great detail. The article talks about many of the biggest frozen yogurt franchises. Many of them offer their frozen yogurt machines to customers as self-serve. However, one frozen yogurt franchisee – Pinkberry – has stuck to a behind-the-counter full service business model (but according to the article is considering making changes in the future).

The author of the article states, “It’s no mystery why frozen yogurt shops are thriving and multiplying.” And goes on to say, “Because the fro-yo industry figured out something basic: People of all ages appreciate self-serve desserts. They enjoy swirling in a little of this flavor here, a little of that flavor there, adding some Butterfingers and Cheesecake Bites and peanuts and, oh, let’s include fresh mango and pineapple.”

Customers Love Frozen Yogurt Machines with a Self-Serve Option

There are many obvious reasons why customers thoroughly enjoy operating frozen yogurt machines themselves, including the following:

  • Customers can choose their own flavors – or mix and match the flavors offered in your frozen yogurt machines
  • It’s possible for customers to fill their serving cups with the amount of frozen yogurt that they want to eat – and not have to commit to a standard serving size
  • Customers enjoy operating frozen yogurt machines on their own because it’s something fun, different and entertaining.


The Chicago Tribune article includes a citation from the International Frozen Yogurt Association’s President Ms. Susan Litton. According to Ms. Litton, the extreme popularity of self-serve yogurt has transformed the industry. She goes on to say, “I can’t think of many other dessert items where you have the option to customize it yourself, including the serving size and the ability to add on.”


Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Machines = Bigger Servings
When customers are allowed to serve themselves from a shop’s frozen yogurt machines, they inevitably fill their cups with a large amount. And then they add toppings. This translates to more revenue for the frozen yogurt shop, considering the fact that froyo is usually sold by the ounce.


Do You Offer Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Machines or Behind-the-Counter Service?
What do you think? Are self-serve frozen yogurt machines a better option than behind-the-counter full service? Both options certainly have their benefits. Customers enjoy eating frozen yogurt no matter how it’s served. But self-serve frozen yogurt machines seem to be dominating the current trend.


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