Park Your Mobile Soft Serve Food Truck at a Summer Swim Meet

Today is the first day of Spring… which means the weather is starting to warm up and daylight will be lasting longer and longer as we progress towards the summer months. Summertime is always synonymous with hot weather, and for many kids around the United States, summer means it’s time to join summer swim teams!

People who participated as swimmers on summer swim teams when they were children or adults who currently have children who participate on a summer swim team know that weekends throughout the summer are usually booked with outdoor swim meets. Summer swim teams usually consist of competitive meets but sometimes the swim meets are just for fun. Regardless of the purpose, summer swim meets always involve  gatherings that include a large number of swimmers, friends, families and grandparents.

Depending on the size of the teams, summer swim meets can last several hours. Because these meets usually occur under the hot, blazing summer sun, participants and spectators all get hot and hungry as they wait for swim events to begin and end.

At the end of the summer swim season, most swim team members participate in “Prelims” and ultimately in “Championships,” which are the Mother of All Swim Meets. At championships, multiple swim teams gather and spend the day competing in various swimming events to see who is the best of the best.

Summer swim teams almost always have concessions committees – because someone has to provide food and refreshments to all of the swimmers and spectators! Many swim teams choose to sell catered food at their swim meets. And it’s becoming more and more popular for swim teams to request food trucks that serve frozen yogurt and/or soft serve ice cream to be present at their meets so that these refreshing treats can be purchased and enjoyed by all.

When it comes to food trucks that sell frozen treats, there is a shortage when it comes to meeting the needs of summer swim teams. Nobody can argue that there is no better time or event to sell soft serve than at a swim meet. But the number of available mobile soft serve trucks simply cannot meet the demand!

If you are considering a mobile frozen yogurt or soft serve truck business, make sure to market your services to summer swim teams in your area. It’s our guess that word will spread and you will quickly have more requests than you’ll be able to handle. There’s nothing better for a soft serve food truck’s business than a large gathering of young swimmers, their parents, grandparents and friends on a hot summer day.

For more information on how to start your mobile soft serve business, contact us today. We’re happy to provide you with guidance and advice.

The food truck industry in the United States is booming, and now is a great time to jump on board!

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