An Office Party with a Frozen Yogurt Machine is a Reason to Celebrate

Have you considered an office party with a frozen yogurt machine?

It’s that time of year! The holidays are just around the corner. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are starting to think about memorable ways to celebrate the end of the year with their staff. But besides thinking about having a fun gathering, businesses are also concerned about the amount of money they have to spend on this year’s holiday celebration.

There are Many Options When it Comes to Office Holiday Celebrations
Many businesses want to give their employees something special at the end of the year. Some give their staff bonuses or an extra few days of vacation. Employees love these types of gifts. But they may also expect some type of office party in which they can invite their significant other and/or children. This year, you might want to consider giving your staff the gift of frozen yogurt machines!

If your business is looking for a unique place to host this year’s holiday get-together, consider a holiday party at a local frozen yogurt shop. The frozen yogurt machines inside of the shop¬† will provide an endless supply of froyo to your staff and their family members. And, allowing your staff to eat all the frozen yogurt they can at your celebration is a cost-effective option when compared to something like a sit down meal at a fancy restaurant.

Many FroYo Shops Offer Their Frozen Yogurt Machines for End-of-Year Holiday Office Parties
Frozen yogurt shops, such as 20 Degrees Frozen Yogurt Lounge offer a room in their shop that can be rented for private parties. Their “Party Package #2” includes the following: “This package only includes the rental of the room where you can have your party just the way you want it. You may bring in your own food, cake and party supplies and can decorate whatever fits your theme! You can choose how you want to serve frozen yogurt at your party by choosing one of our catering options or having access to the main dining area of the yogurt shop to purchase yogurt for your party.”

Rather Have a Party Catered at Your Office Location?
If you’d rather opt for a holiday party with your staff in your own office, you might consider having the party catered by a frozen yogurt shop or frozen yogurt machines. Franchises like Pinkberry offer many catering options. Pinkberry’s ¬†Catering website page states: “Big. Small. Fancy. Unfancy. We cater them all. We offer several delicious catering options that bring an unforgettable experience to any business meeting, event or party. It is completely customizable, just mix and match our light, refreshing yogurts with your favorite fresh fruit and premium toppings.”

If you are planning an office party this year, remember this: a large majority of people love self-serve frozen yogurt machines. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with this option!

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