Marketing Ideas for Your Frozen Yogurt Business

This is a great time of year to implement fresh and new advertising, marketing, and promotional ideas for your frozen yogurt business. With Memorial Day just around the corner, people all over the country have warm weather on their minds. Along with warm weather comes longer daylight hours and a summertime mentality. And you know what that means. Yep, it means that people looking for something to do on a hot summer’s night will be flocking to local frozen yogurt shops to get their hands on self-serve frozen yogurt machines.

There is certainly competition in the frozen yogurt industry. Soft serve machines are becoming more and more commonplace not only in frozen yogurt shops but also in restaurants and convenience stores. So how do you entice customers into your shop instead of the one a few miles away?

Ideas on How to Draw Customers into Your Frozen Yogurt Shop
One of the most important draws of your frozen yogurt shop is the selection of flavors you offer in your soft serve frozen yogurt machines. If your shop offers flavors that are desirable and popular, people will choose your shop over the others in the vicinity. And once you develop a customer base and get people hooked on your frozen yogurt from the get-go, they will hopefully be customers for life. Following are a few ideas on how to generate an interest in your frozen yogurt shop and get new customers to fall in love with your soft serve frozen yogurt machine offerings.

Host a Fun Contest
The concept of eating frozen yogurt is fun and delicious. Why not hold a contest that both kids and adults will enjoy? Post a sign on your window with the contest rules: “Anyone who can fill a frozen yogurt cup from one of our frozen yogurt machines with exactly 6.0 ounces of frozen yogurt (on the dot!) will get their froyo for free!”

Have a BOGO on a Specific Night of the Week – Every Week
What’s your frozen yogurt shop’s slowest day of the week? Use that day  as your shop’s buy-one-get-one (“BOGO”) free day. This is a sure- fire way to draw customers into your shop who would not ordinarily be eating frozen yogurt on that specific day. BOGOs are great incentives that will keep your soft serve machines cranking out the froyo all day long – on your otherwise slowest day of the week.

Sponsor Local School Events
Most schools (both public and private) love merchants who sponsor their events, and they also appreciate easy ways to fundraise. If your business has the capability of transporting frozen yogurt in cups to various events, offer to sell it at school events and donate a portion of your proceeds to the school. This is a great way to  gain exposure for your froyo shop and also to demonstrate to the community that your business is involved and caring.  It also allows you an extra opportunity to sell the delicious yogurt dispensed from your shop’s frozen yogurt machines.

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