It’s All About a Frozen Yogurt Shop’s Location!

Last week we posted an article about how schools around the United States are offering frozen yogurt for sale in their lunch cafeterias. We talked about the fact that students are opting for frozen yogurt over more caloric and less healthy snack choices. Frozen yogurt has become one of the top choices in schools because it’s a less caloric and healthier option, plus it’s affordable and  makes for a tasty snack.

But what happens when frozen yogurt is not offered in school cafeterias? Does it mean that students simply won’t want frozen yogurt at all… ever? Usually not. It simply means that students desiring frozen yogurt must find it for sale outside of their schools.

When students are in search of frozen yogurt either during their short lunch periods or after school, they do not want to travel great distances to get what they want. This is just one reason it’s an excellent idea to open a frozen yogurt shop in close proximity to a middle school or high school. During lunch and after school, students are hungry! And a frozen yogurt shop is one of the best places for students to meet their friends for a treat.

Location, Location, Location
If you’re thinking about opening a frozen yogurt shop, you should consider several factors. For example, you will need reliable soft serve machines, excellent-tasting frozen yogurt, and a nice selection of toppings. In addition, you will need a comfortable store interior and a dedicated staff.  But one of the absolute most important aspects of your business is its location. Surely you’ve heard the phrase, “Location, location, location.” These three words are incredibly important to a business. In fact, a poor location for a business can ultimately result in failure.

One of the best locations for a frozen yogurt shop is near a school. Frozen yogurt is extremely appealing to teenagers, and the cost of a bowl of FroYo is usually affordable to teenage students. There is generally a lot of traffic (both on foot and in vehicles) around schools. And the more visible and easily accessible your frozen yogurt shop is, the more customers you’re likely to attract.

Once a frozen yogurt shop becomes a favorite go-to hangout for students, they will continue to visit the shop for many years – bringing  friends and family members with them. The goal of frozen yogurt shop owners should be to develop a friendly relationship with the students who frequent the establishment so these students will want to visit the shop as often as every single day. If you make your store appealing and welcoming to students,  you will have a constant stream of customers at certain times of the day!

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