How to Choose Toppings for Your Frozen Yogurt

One of the big draws of a frozen yogurt shop is the topping bar. Having a wide variety of toppings is important so customers have the choice of their favorite flavors. But which toppings are the most cost effective?

Frozen yogurt is usually sold by the ounce, so heavier toppings will cost more than lighter ones for the customer. Lighter toppings give the illusion that the customer is getting more for their money. For instance, you can get over twice the number of chocolate chip cookie dough bits for the same weight of cheesecake bites. And you can practically drown your frozen yogurt in sprinkles.

From a business perspective, the costs are a little trickier. Topping costs can be anywhere from 10 to 40 cents an ounce. Averaging out the costs can be tough, but it is possible to do. Here’s a good way to break it down:

  • Assume that the average customer order will have 75% frozen yogurt and 25% toppings.
  • Make your average cost per topping target under 20 cents, but weigh popular tastes as well. Berries are very popular for the healthy crowd but they’re much more expensive than sprinkles.
  • Keep records by weight of how much each topping type is used per day/week. It’s a bit of a hassle, but worth it.
  • Now just crunch the numbers to see what is popular and what is cost effective for your restaurant. Consider buying things in bulk for your most popular items to save costs, or adjust your price per ounce a few pennies up to justify a more expensive topping.

Only the most cost-conscious customers are going to be worrying about the weight of their toppings compared to their taste. But as a business owner you have to keep it in mind to control your business costs. Try these tips over the next month and see if you get any pleasant, or unpleasant, surprises about your topping bar.frozen_yogurt_toppings

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