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There are at least two other things that you need to enjoy frozen yogurt besides a frozen yogurt machine. You need a bowl and a spoon, unless you want to get really messy! But is there anything that can be done with all the old bowls and spoons after they’re thrown away? Actually yes, at least for the spoons.

One frozen yogurt shop in New Jersey holds an art competition using old spoons. JUST CHILL frozen yogurt and creperie is holding their 4th annual Spoon Art Contest next month. The first six people to sign up get a big box of cleaned spoons that were destined for the recycling shop. They are asked to be creative as possible. The winner of the contest gets a $50 gift card and their artwork on display for a few weeks. Past creators have made the Eiffel Tower, a bike, a wedding cake, and a butterfly.

“It’s just amazing how creative these kids can be when you give them a box of spoons. Every time someone submits their artwork, I am always amazed. I love giving the kids a chance to put down the cell phone, turn off the video game and open their minds to creativity” says owner, Alice DiGiambattista.

What if you want to skip the store spoon and just eat frozen yogurt at home? A new program called Postmates is allowing residents in New York and Los Angeles to get frozen yogurt delivery. Pinkberry has just signed on to provide the goodies. Postmates will replace their previous GrubHub/Seamless delivery system.

Postmates tacks on a $4.99 delivery charge for home-delivered froyo, but in busy cities like these, avoiding the hassle of going outside into traffic may be worth it. And if they’re out of your favorite topping, the driver will call or text to ask for a substitution.

The reporter in the story tried out the experience by ordering from a shop 40 miles away on a day that was over 100 degrees. The frozen yogurt came packed in ice and looked as “freshly swirled” as if she had got it from the store herself. Her flavor? Pomegranate. Three medium cups plus delivery fee and tip to the driver added up to $24.99.

Pinkberry says that if the frozen yogurt delivery teamup works well, they will extend service to other cities that have Pinkberry stores. Would you try home-delivered frozen yogurt from a shop? It could be the next thing, though we admit that there is a certain joy to pulling the handle down yourself and watching the bowl fill.


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