Healthiest Toppings to Compliment Your Ice Cream Freezer

It’s important to offer your customers healthy toppings choices that compliment your ice cream freezers in January. This is the time of year in which people are the most health-conscious. January is typically when people around the world make New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier foods. Consequently, providing healthy options in your frozen yogurt or ice cream shop is essential. Besides offering low-fat or low-calorie choices in your ice cream freezers, healthy toppings options are also a must.

According to an article recently published on the website entitled The Healthiest Frozen Yogurt Toppings, the following are a few of the healthiest toppings that compliment ice cream freezers very well:

·         Strawberries (1 Tablespoon Serving): 3 calories. Provides skin-firming vitamin C.

·         Pineapple (1 Tablespoon Serving): 5 calories. A burst of tropical flavor and some fiber.

·         Mango (1 Tablespoon Serving): 6 calories. A fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

·         Low-Fat Granola (1 Tablespoon Serving): 24 calories. Adds crunch & fiber for few calories.

·         Walnuts (1 Tablespoon Serving): 45 calories. Calorie-dense, but heart-healthy.

·         Dark Chocolate Chips (1 Tablespoon Serving): 50 calories. A candy, yes, redeemed by antioxidants.

Other health-related websites are in agreement as to which frozen yogurt and ice cream toppings are the healthiest. For example, an article published on entitled What Is the Healthiest Topping on Frozen Yogurt? says, “Frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream because it has less fat and calories. However, to continue to reap the health benefits of frozen yogurt, you must stick to healthy toppings. While the definition of “healthiest” topping varies according to the nutritionist, experts agree that three general categories of toppings are the best choices.”

The tree general toppings categories mentioned in the article are 1) Fresh Fruit, 2) Nuts, and 3) Cereal.

Examples of the types of fresh fruit that go very well with anything made in an ice cream freezer include bananas, coconut, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, pineapples and strawberries. All of these choices are low in calories and are also considered healthy for several other reasons. To keep things healthy, however, it’s important to avoid offering fruit that is soaking in any type of syrup. In terms of nuts and cereal, there are certainly varieties that are deemed healthier than others. It can be easy to overindulge with nuts, and some cereals contain high amounts of sugar.

Health Benefits Associated With Ice Cream Freezers
People who are health-conscious or who are on a New Year’s diet are always concerned about the number of calories and fat they consume on a daily basis. If their goal is to lose weight their bodies into better shape in the New Year, you can be of great help by offering low-fat and low-calorie choices in your ice cream freezes and also by offering healthy toppings choices.

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