Getting the Most Out of Your Ice Cream Freezers on Black Friday

Your shop’s ice cream freezers have one week to prepare for Black Friday! In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving typically signifies the busiest shopping day of the year – which is dubbed Black Friday. On Black Friday, people shop  in massive numbers – in just about every store that is open for business. It can be difficult to find a parking spot, or even get into the vicinity of some stores on the day after Thanksgiving.

How Can Your Ice Cream Freezers Get in on Black Friday’s Shopping Madness?
Many stores lure in customers on Black Friday by offering substantial sales or discounts. Some stores have been known to offer deals that are so fantastic that customers line up days in advance of the sale. Some people even sleep in front of stores, waiting for sales to start at a specific time on Black Friday. Knowing how much people love Black Friday sales, there is no reason your frozen yogurt shop cannot participate in the madness of Black Friday by offering great deals that customers simply can’t refuse.

Black Friday Sales are Supposed to Be Extraordinary
People don’t line up in front of stores three days before a Black Friday sale for a mere 10 percent discount. The do, however, line up for a  75 percent discount. If you want to promote your ice cream freezers and your frozen yogurt shop on Black Friday, you will have to offer customers a substantial discount or incentive.

Following are some ideas for Black Friday deals for a frozen yogurt shop:

  • 50 percent off gift cards (for example, pay $10 for a gift card worth $20)
  • Unlimited free toppings to anyone purchasing a small cup of frozen yogurt (in store only) on Black Friday
  • A full cup of frozen yogurt and toppings for $1 on Black Friday (no weight limit)

Get ‘Em In Your Frozen Yogurt Shop on Black Friday!
Shoppers don’t have time to waste on Black Friday. This special day has only a limited number of shopping hours, and most people want to spend those hours buying things – not sitting in a frozen yogurt shop. But shoppers do get hungry on Black Friday… so this is a good opportunity to entice them into your shop. There is no reason your ice cream freezers should not be running at full speed on Black Friday!

The key to success on Black Friday is to offer something out of the ordinary – some sort of great deal or sale that is not available any other day of the year. If you offer a fantastic bargain, your customers will appreciate it, and they will remember. Get the  most out of your ice cream freezers this Black Friday with a unique and remarkable promotion.

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