Frozen Yogurt Machines Do Very Well Near College Campuses – Even During the Winter

Many prospective frozen yogurt shop owners think long and hard about where they want their shop to be located. Obviously, every shop owner wants their shop to be located where their frozen yogurt machines will be the most popular. Some of the most common locations include:

  • In an Outdoor Strip Mall
  • Near a Popular Grocery Store
  • Within the Food Court of a Large Indoor Mall
  • Near an Elementary, Middle or High School
  • In a Location that Sees a Lot of Traffic

But one of the most important factors when choosing a location for your frozen yogurt shop is the likelihood that your frozen yogurt machines will stay busy all year round – not just during the warm months.

How Frozen Yogurt Shops Near College Campuses Survive the Winter
A frozen yogurt shop in Tempe, Arizona was recently featured in an article published on The article states, “The winter season sends chilly weather in and out-of-state Arizona State University students home, making for tough times for the Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt in Tempe.”

The article also states, “…the colder months make for less income, however the location has implemented a few sales that keep the traffic steady.”

Following are some of the Zoyo promotions that help encourage repeat visits to the shop’s frozen yogurt machines during the winter:

  • The shop hosts Pajama Wednesdays, which gives customers who show up in their pajamas 50 percent off their purchase.
  • The shop offers a deal after every local high school basketball game, which is about twice a week, where customers can get 20 percent off frozen yogurt after the game.
  • The shop offers hot chocolate and at the end of the day, they give it away for free.

If Your Shop is Located Near a College Campus, What are Your Wintertime Promotions?
If your frozen yogurt shop is located near a college campus, your frozen yogurt machines undoubtedly receive less attention during winter break, spring break and summer break. What promotions does your shop run during these times of the year?

The article about Zoyo discussed some of the promotions that the shop runs during the school year in its Tempe location. For example, the shop partners with the college’s sororities and fraternities. The article states, “Outside of the winter season, the ASU-based frozen-yogurt shop is everything but dead. Zoyo in Tempe holds fundraisers as often as six times a week for ASU organizations, Greek life and charities.”

It’s important to build relationships with college students – especially when your frozen yogurt shop is located in a traditional college town. College students can quickly become loyal customers and can quickly and easily promote your frozen yogurt machines to their friends and fellow students.

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