Frozen Yogurt Machines + Excellent Customer Service = Success

Your frozen yogurt machines are undoubtedly doing a great job – especially if your machines are top quality, kept clean, and function properly at all times. If you offer frozen yogurt flavors that customers enjoy, and if your toppings bar is stocked with all the favorites, you’re absolutely on the right track to continued success. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s always possible to do more to create a positive and inviting environment in your shop. The more customers feel welcome, the higher the chance they will return.

Excellent Customer Service is a True Skill (that anyone can adopt!)
One of the best ways to guarantee that your customers will return to your frozen yogurt shop time and time again is through top-notch customer service. While it’s incredibly important that your shop feature reliable frozen yogurt machines that offer desirable flavors, the overall experience customers have when they visit your shop is of the utmost importance. A negative or disgruntled employee at a frozen yogurt shop can result in a poor customer experience, and can literally cause customers to never return to your shop again.

Examples of excellent customer service include:

  • Saying hello, in a friendly tone, to every customer that enters your frozen yogurt shop
  • Asking customers if they need help operating your shop’s frozen yogurt machines
  • Making sure your frozen yogurt machines are clean and full at all times
  • Tending to frozen yogurt machines that are experiencing problems
  • Keeping your shop clean and tidy
  • Making sure your toppings bar is organized and stocked
  • Answering customer questions with confidence and knowledge
  • Keeping the checkout line running smoothly and efficiently
  • Passing out sample cups to customers who want to taste flavors

Listen to Your Customers. What do They Want?
If you consistently overhear your customers talking about a particular frozen yogurt flavor or topping that you don’t offer, consider adding it to your menu. Why not? Your customers will appreciate it.

Make it easy for your customers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media venue that you think would work best for your shop. As the owner of your shop, you might feel too busy to update your shop’s social media accounts on a regular basis.  Don’t worry! One of your trusted employees should be able to handle this task.

Remember… the success of your shop does hinge on your frozen yogurt machines, but it also hinges on the level of customer service you and your employees display. When customers visit a frozen yogurt shop, they want to enjoy a certain type of atmosphere while there. A customer’s experience can be truly affected by the attitude of your employees and the effort they take to make sure customers have an pleasant experience.

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