Frozen Yogurt Cup Dividers are a Great Invention!

Many frozen yogurt shop owners already know about frozen yogurt cup dividers. But despite their growing popularity, there are still some shop owners who have not heard of them. This blog article is dedicated to both FroYo shop owners and FroYo fans who have never before seen this incredibly innovative (yet surprisingly simple) creation.

Have you ever seen a product in a store that looks extremely basic – and you question why you were not the one to invent it? That’s the feeling that many people get when they see frozen yogurt cup dividers. Frozen yogurt cup dividers are made of food-safe material and are designed to create distinct compartments within a frozen yogurt cup so that customers can dispense different FroYo flavors from more than one soft serve frozen yogurt machine into their cup without mixing flavors together.

Are you a Single Flavor Type of Person?
If you are the type of person that walks up to a soft serve machine knowing you will fill your cupĀ  with one (and ONLY one) flavor, a frozen yogurt cup divider will make no significant difference in your life. Despite the fact that a cup divider does not add any weight to your serving and a divider is also extremely easy to insert into a frozen yogurt cup – – if you like to keep your frozen yogurt simple with a single flavor, a divider will be immaterial when you contemplate your flavor selection as you stand in front of a soft serve frozen yogurt machine.

Do you Like Multiple Flavors – But Don’t Like the Flavors to Touch Each Other?
If you like multiple flavors that are dispensed from more than one soft serve frozen yogurt machine, then frozen yogurt cup dividers could be your dream come true. Cup dividers allow you to separate flavors that might not combine well together. Also, they allow you to keep certain toppings off your frozen yogurt. (It might sound strange, but some people love gummy worms, but don’t enjoy them when they reach freezing temperatures as they sit on top of a cup of frozen yogurt!) Frozen yogurt cup dividers solve all of these problems – and more.

What to do if Your Favorite FroYo Shop Doesn’t Stock Cup Dividers?
If you think the concept of frozen yogurt cup dividers is a great idea, and if your favorite FroYo shop does not offer them, simply show them this article. Hopefully they will be enticed to look into offering cup dividers at some point in the near future. Frozen yogurt cup dividers allow customers to dispense multiple flavors from more than one frozen yogurt machine into a cup’s multiple compartments – which encourages the sale of more frozen yogurt, without forcing customers to mix flavors that they prefer to keep separate. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!


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