Frozen Beverage Features & Options


Features & Options

Hopper Agitator (H)

Agitates the product in the hopper to improve product consistency and prevent product separation. Product must still be mixed prior to pouring into the hopper, but the operator is not required to continue to mix the product over the course of the day.

Standard Feature on all but the 6650-C model


The Spinner is an add-on option that allows the operator to blend product on the side of the machine. A Hamilton Beach HMD-300 Spinner with as easy-push trigger is mounted to the machine. Saves counter space and easier to use than usual counter-top blenders. Great for milkshakes and blended frozen beverages.

Air Chute

The Air Chute is an add-on option that allows the machine to be placed closer to a wall or other equipment on the exhaust side of the machine. The air chute directs exhaust air from the machine upward rather than out the side or back.

Water Cooled

Water Cooled machines cool the refrigeration components with water instead of air. Water cooled machines run quieter and do not require 6″ of clearance on all sides of the machine. Water cooled machines require special water connection or glycol chiller equipment in order to operate. These must be purchased separately.

Light Box

The Light Box is an add-on box equipped with LED back-lighting and an additional power switch to better advertise your product offering. The box is mounted to the front top of the machine and has a removable clear panel to attach your graphic display to. Works best with vinyl printed graphics.

Remote Auto Fill

Spaceman’s unique Remote Auto Fill system can be installed onto any Frozen Beverage machine with a hopper. This system is capable of Continuous Circulation OR Fill On-Demand setups. Allows users to fill large containers in a walk-in refrigerator, and fill the machine automatically. No more pouring small batches into the machine all day long.