Free Standing vs. Countertop Frozen Yoghurt Machines – Which is Better?

There is an ongoing debate in the frozen yoghurt industry on which is better: free standing frozen yoghurt machines or countertop frozen yoghurt machines? In our opinion, neither is better than the other. But one type might suit your situation more accurately.

Frozen Yoghurt Shop?
If you have a frozen yoghurt shop that sells only frozen yoghurt, you will probably be better off with free standing frozen yoghurt machines. This is due to the fact that you will probably want the layout and set up of your shop to be similar to other traditional frozen yoghurt shops. Most shops have several free standing frozen yoghurt machines lined up behind a wall with the machine’s dispensers facing customers. This allows customers to easily self-dispense a large selection of flavors into their cup.

Frozen yoghurt machines that are the free standing variety are an excellent choice for frozen yoghurt shops for several reasons. First, they are on wheels so they can easily be pushed from one spot to another. Second, being able to easily move a free standing frozen yoghurt machine makes them easier to clean (they can easily be wheeled to a sink or another designated cleaning area). And third, free standing frozen yoghurt machines that are filled with specific flavors can be easily moved next to other machines that contain corresponding flavors.

Convenience Store?
If you own a convenience store and are thinking of adding a frozen yoghurt machine to your establishment, you might want to consider a countertop model. Countertop models are designed to be more compact than free standing models, and can easily be placed on a counter. Convenience stores have been  known to place countertop frozen yoghurt machines either behind the counter, or in an area where customers can self-serve their own frozen yoghurt.

Countertop frozen yoghurt machines are just as easy to use, clean and re-fill as free standing models. They are also relatively easy to move from one spot to another. It’s common for convenience stores to place countertop frozen yoghurt machines on a wheeled cart, so the machine can be easily moved if necessary.

Many restaurants, and especially all-you-can-eat buffet style restaurants, have added a countertop frozen yoghurt machine to their establishment. The growing popularity of frozen yoghurt and soft serve ice cream has created a large demand for this type of dessert.  Depending on the set up of the restaurant, a free standing or a countertop frozen yoghurt machine will provide different options. The decision on which model to choose will ultimately depend on how much room is available and whether it’s important for the machine to be on wheels or placed on a countertop.

There really is no definitive answer to the question,  Which is better – free standing vs. countertop frozen yoghurt machines? They are both excellent choices, but one might work better than the other in certain scenarios.

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