Evaluate Frozen Yogurt Machine Options Before Making a Selection

When you put time, effort, and money into opening a new soft serve business, you want to make sure that it is poised for success from the get-go. There are dozens of factors that should be taken into consideration prior to opening a soft serve shop or adding a soft serve ice cream machine to your already existing establishment. Besides a good business plan and the best possible location, one of the most important aspects that will ensure your success is the soft serve machine you choose to purchase.

Before you select a soft serve machine for your store or restaurant, you will want to decide whether you want a self-serve or full-serve machine. Also, you should decide how many flavors you want to offer at any given time as well as how many servings you want your machine(s) to hold. You should have a good idea about exactly how much you want to spend on each piece of soft serve machine. Additionally, you will want to consider the equipment’s size, ease of use, and the type of electrical outlet it will require.

Two excellent methods for gaining a high level of knowledge about the soft serve machines offered by SpacemanUSA are 1) Contacting a sales representative who has the experience and information needed to answer any questions you may have about the various machines available, and 2) Reading the full description of each soft serve machine offered on the SpacemanUSA website.

Each product description on the SpacemanUSA website contains details on the soft serve machine’s net weight, net dimensions, electrical requirements, shipping weight, shipping dimensions, motor, refrigeration system, and more.

What to Evaluate Before Selecting a Soft Serve Machine for Your Business:

  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the machines that are available on the market
  • Make sure the soft serve machine you are considering is versatile, durable, and reliable
  • Verify that the machine meets and/or exceeds the quality and safety standards required in the United States (or in the country where the soft serve machine will be utilized)
  • Evaluate the energy efficiency of the machine
  • Determine whether the machine has a warranty
  • Find out about the machine’s maintenance requirements and available maintenance programs
  • Make sure the machine is reasonably priced

Set Your Business Up for Success!
When opening a new frozen yogurt business or adding a soft serve machine to your establishment, it’s important to make all the right choices. Before selecting a soft serve machine you should thoroughly analyze all of your options and make a final selection only after you haveĀ  enough information about each piece of equipment to make an educated purchase. You want to make sure that you select a machine that will be reliable and will produce items that your customers will want to order time and time again.

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