It’s December… Your Soft Serve Machines Should be in Full Holiday Mode!

The months of November and December each year can be a whirlwind. Thanksgiving always creeps up out of nowhere, and the minute it’s over, Americans instantly enter into “full holiday mode.” This means they are looking for gifts to purchase for their friends and family members, and they are also craving  all sorts of traditional holiday food and flavors. Therefore, if your soft serve machines are not currently stocked with traditional (and/or trendy) holiday flavors, they should be.

Are Holiday Flavors Currently Offered in Your Soft Serve Machines? If so, Get the Word Out!
Your shop undoubtedly has a website, a blog, and social media accounts with followers. There’s no better time that the holiday season to promote your soft serve machines’ holiday flavors than through these sources. You can create a very useful and informative blog posting that describes your current product offerings. And, you can talk about your soft serve machines on your social media accounts every single day.

For example, Zoyo, a frozen yogurt franchise, used its blog to talk about the traditional holiday flavors offered in its soft serve machines: “While taking a break from holiday shopping, get into the Christmas spirit while satisfying those afternoon cravings. Grab a few friends, put your feet up and relax at your neighborhood Zoyo frozen yogurt location after the Black Friday madness while enjoying the taste sensation of candy cane or peppermint bark. The sweet peppermint flavor will melt on your tongue, just like the candy canes that you pull off the tree every Christmas morning. Speaking of Christmas trees, do not forget to add a unique seasonal topping to your favorite yogurt treat. Sweet and chewy Christmas tree gummies are available at Zoyo for a limited time, so enjoy them while they last!”

Holiday Flavor Choices for Your Soft Serve Machines
When it comes to holiday flavors for your soft serve machines, you have many choices. So, what is the best way to select flavors that will be popular with your customers? It’s important to keep track of your store’s sales trends if you’ve been in business for  more than one year.

  • Which flavors do your customers purchase the most often during the holiday season?
  • Have your customers requested holiday flavors that you do not currently offer?

If your shop is relatively new, you might want professional advice on which flavors to offer during the holiday season. Manufacturers and wholesalers of frozen yogurt and soft serve mixes are an excellent place to seek advice. For example, Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt offers more than 100 base flavors available which allow you to create more than 200 unique flavor combinations. Other popular flavor manufacturers include Magical Flavors, Bliss Dairy and Alpha Freezz.

Don’t miss out this holiday season! Make sure to offer customers holiday flavors in your soft serve machines!

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