Consider Offering this Gimmick: All You Can Eat from Our Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

Can you imagine offering an “All You Can Eat From Our Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines” promotion at your shop? Do you think customers would flock to your ice cream store and eat every last drop of your soft serve in one visit? The likelihood that your customers would be able to eat more than one large bowl of soft serve is relatively low. But some customers would certainly try to eat as much as humanly possible. The ability to serve themselves as much soft serve as possible from your soft serve ice cream machines for a set dollar amount just might be irresistible to the public!

All You Can Eat is an All-Time Favorite
If there’s one thing people seem to like, it’s an All You Can Eat opportunity. If people did not like this option, all-you-can-eat restaurants such as Cici’s Pizza, Country Buffet and Golden Corral wouldn’t be so successful – or BUSY – every night of the week.

There is no reason to believe that the soft serve ice cream machines in your ice cream shop would not be able to handle an all-you-can-eat soft serve promotion. Especially if you have several soft serve ice cream machines that are stocked and ready when customers walk through the door.

How Much to Charge for an All-You-Can-Eat Option?
To determine how much you should charge your customers for an all-you-can-eat opportunity, you must evaluate several factors. First, will you restrict the all-you-can-eat option to just ice cream that is dispensed from your soft serve ice cream machines? Or, will you include all-you-can-eat toppings as part of the deal? Second, will you provide customers with a cup that they can reuse when they want more soft serve, or will you present them with a special over-sized cup designed specifically for the promotion? Third, will you allow customers to share their all-you-can-eat cup with another customer?

In order to determine a fair price for your all-you-can-eat promotion, you must decide exactly how much ice cream you think a very hungry person would be able to consume during one visit. How many ounces might that be? The trick will be to determine a fair price, but also a price that is enticing and seems like a very good deal.

Be the All-You-Can-Eat Soft Serve Pioneer in Your City!
There may be some soft serve shops in your area that offer an all-you-can-eat option. But it’s not a common promotion. If you want to give your shop’s soft serve ice cream machines a real workout, try offering your customers all-you-can eat for a certain dollar amount. You may find that this type of promotion drives customers through your door, and is also a real money-maker for your shop.

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