Commercial Ice Cream Machines are Catering to Canines

Commercial ice cream machines are well-known to consumers of frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream. When a customer walks into an establishment that serves either frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream, it’s expected that the shop will have commercial ice cream machines on-site. People have been known to travel great distances for a taste of their favorite frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream. But these days, manufacturers are using commercial ice cream machines to produce soft serve for more than just humans!

Don’t Forget Your Dog
Frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream shops are quite common. But don’t forget your dog! Manufacturers of soft serve for canines are growing steadily in popularity. This is due to the fact that dogs love soft serve, and people love giving treats to their pets. An article recently appeared on entitled The Bear & The Rat Makes Frozen Yogurt For Dogs. The article goes into detail about The Bear & The Rat, and how the founders of the company decided to start manufacturing cool treats for dogs.

Using Commercial Ice Cream Machines to Make Treats for Dogs is Not a New Idea
The concept of using commercial ice cream machines to manufacture frozen dog treats has been around for several years. However, The Bear & The Rat’s concept is a little bit different. There are several companies that produce and sell ice cream for dogs. But The Bear & The Rat sells frozen yogurt for dogs. The article states, “They decided to go with a frozen yogurt instead of ice cream – – it has less lactose than ice cream and contains live and active cultures, which are good for dogs.”

Cool Treats for Dogs
The Bear & The Rat manufactures its cool treats for dogs in a plant located in Boulder, Colorado. The ingredients it uses in its products include nonfat yogurt, bacon, water, organic rice maltodextrin, peanut butter and peanuts, and guar and locust bean gum.

Are there Other Companies that Manufacture Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream for Dogs?
Yes, there are other companies that produce and sell frozen dog treats, including:

Yoghund: Yoghund, Frozen Yogurt Treats – just for dogs, are manufactured in New England. The company states on its website: “Real frozen yogurt for dogs, with billions of special probiotics added per cup, for real health benefits! The dairy product dogs SHOULD add to their diet every day.”

ArrfScarf: ArrfScarf sells ice cream for dogs, available in flavors such as: beef brisket, peanut butter bacon, pulled pork, chicken cheddar, gouda burger, and smoked salmon.

If you are looking for a way to utilize commercial ice cream machines – besides in a traditional frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop – the manufacturing of frozen dog treats is an excellent idea. However, you may want to utilize commercial ice cream machines for another product that is even more unique than soft serve for dogs. For example, how about soft serve for cats?

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