Are You a Commercial Ice Cream Machine Expert?

If you are the owner of a frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop, can you automatically consider yourself a commercial ice cream machine expert? In all likelihood, if you own a shop, you probably know much more about commercial ice cream machines than the general public. Most people are ice cream shop customers – not ice cream shop owners.

Before you opened your frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop, you surely did a considerable amount of research on the topic of commercial ice cream machines. Do you remember how and why you selected the commercial ice cream machines that now sit in your shop? Was your decision made on price? Size? Ease of use? Customer service?

Selecting Commercial Ice Cream Machines for Your Shop
If you are in the process of opening a new frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop and you have not yet selected your commercial ice cream machines, now is the time to look around. Before making a decision on what type of machines to purchase (or lease), make sure you do your homework. Selecting commercial ice cream machines based on just one factor is not recommended. Oftentimes, new shop owners purchase commercial ice cream machines because the sales people selling them are very persuasive. But in reality, commercial ice cream machines should be selected based on a combination of factors – including: reputation, versatility, and quality. Additionally, customer service, training and support are also important.

Can Your Employees Figure it Out?
Even if you, as the owner, plan to be at your frozen yogurt or soft serve shop during open business hours, you must plan for occasional absences. There might be an hour or two per day when you cannot be at the store. You might have an appointment off-site that you cannot miss. You might have an emergency that requires your immediate attention. No matter the scenario, you must have confidence that your employees are able to handle all of the commercial ice cream machines in your shop. If your machines are not functioning properly or need to be refilled, your employees must be educated on what to do. This should play a role in which commercial ice cream machines you select. Machines that are overly complicated or difficult to use might be detrimental to your business.

Are You a Commercial Ice Cream Machine Expert?
You may or may not be a commercial ice cream machine expert. But what’s more important than the title of “expert” is whether or not you know where and how to get help with your commercial ice cream machines if you need it. Many manufacturers and distributors offer extensive and complete commercial ice cream machine training opportunities. Being properly trained on how to correctly use your shop’s commercial ice cream machines can make a huge difference!

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