When it Comes to Ice Cream Machines, is it all About Location, Location, Location?

They say the key to success is location, location, location. In fact, “The phrase “location, location, location” is one of the most important sayings in business. Location can help determine how successful a business may become, as customers need to be aware of a business before they can patronize it.”

So, what is the best location for ice serve machines? And, is there one location that is better than another?

Following are examples of excellent locations for ice serve machines. However, there is no definitive proof that one location has the potential to be more successful than any other. Lots of factors come into play when it comes to the success of ice cream machines. Part of it certainly has to do with the ice cream machine’s location. (However, factors such as marketing efforts, the taste of the ice cream, and the cost of the product are also important.)

Inside of School Cafeterias
Many school cafeterias are equipped with ice cream machines. It’s a fact that most students love soft serve ice cream, so the presence of a soft serve ice cream machine in a school cafeteria can be very successful. It’s hard to go wrong with an ice cream machine that is placed in the direct vicinity of many hungry kids who love frozen treats.

In Strip Malls
Many soft serve shops that have ice cream machines are located in strip malls. But the probability of success can vary from one strip mall to another. Strip malls that receive the most traffic tend to support the most successful ice cream shops. If the strip mall has a popular anchor store (such as a grocery store), it’s a definite plus.

Inside of Malls
Indoor malls tend to be very busy throughout the year. Malls definitely have busy seasons (such as November, December and January), but patrons visit indoor malls consistently throughout the year. If an ice cream machine is easy to find, it’s sure to draw quite a bit of traffic during all months – and especially on weekends.

On College Campuses
Students, no matter their age, get hungry for snacks. College students are always looking for a quick snack in between classes or during their study hour. Ice cream machines located inside of a student center or a cafeteria are always a popular choice.

In Tourist Areas
Tourists looking for a quick break from sightseeing are always up for a treat from an ice cream machine. Strategically placing an ice cream machine in a location that caters to tourist is a sure-fire way to guarantee plenty of interest. Turning your ice cream machines into an actual tourist destination (rather than a shop that just happens to be along the way) is one method for exponentially growing your business.

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