Combining Commercial Soft Serve Machines With Other “Build Your Own” Food Selections

Everyone knows that customers love using self-serve soft serve machines. Not only do customers get a thrill out of operating a soft serve machine, but they also thoroughly enjoy helping themselves to the large selection of toppings available at frozen yogurt shops and soft serve ice cream shops. There is something unique and especially fun about being able to “build your own dessert.”

Why is “Build Your Own” Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt so Popular?
There are many reasons that “Build Your Own” soft serve or frozen yogurt is popular, including the following:

  • “Build Your Own” soft serve and/or frozen yogurt is a source of entertainment for the customer
  • It allows the customer to build something unique
  • It allows the customer to operate the shop’s soft serve machines
  • The customer can use his or her creative talents to create the “perfect” dessert
  • A unique dish can be created – with the exact ingredients the customer wants
  • Portion size is completely up to the customer


Are There Other “Build Your Own” Restaurants – Besides Those that Offer Soft Serve or Frozen Yogurt?

The popularity of restaurants that offer a Build Your Own option is rapidly growing. For example, Mod  Pizza is a restaurant franchise that is quickly expanding across the United States. It’s a pizza place that allows customers to build their own pizza by adding any toppings they want – from a huge selection. There is no limit, and every pizza is the same price, no matter how many toppings are added. This concept allows the customer to “Build Your Own” without having to worry about the price.


Is There a Combination “Build Your Own” Pizza Place that Also Offers Frozen Yogurt?
Yes, there is! Last week, uBuild Pizza Workshop and Trugurt Frozen Yogurt opened as a “duo concept Build Your Own restaurant.


According to DIY Restaurant Group, “DIY Restaurant Group celebrated the grand opening of its newest concept, uBuild + Trugurt Duo, in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, on Nov. 12. The Duo concept combines two of DIY Restaurant Group’s brand – uBuild Pizza Workshop and Trugurt Frozen Yogurt.

Trugurt Frozen Yogurt provides customized frozen yogurt that is USDA-certified organic, as well as fat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, Kosher and vegan options. It also serves fruit smoothies and Mighty Leaf Artisan-crafted Tea.

uBuild Pizza Workshop features build-your-own pizza, pasta, and salad options with more than 80 premium ingredients and toppings. 

Should You Combine Your Soft Serve Machines With Another Food Option?
If you are looking to pair your soft serve machines with another type of food option within the same restaurant, pizza is an excellent choice. However, there are many other ideas that will work very well with the Build Your Own concept. Anything that encourages customers to personalize their food is a great place to start.

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