Color-Changing Cups Available for a Limited Time at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt!

What will they think of next? Just when you can’t imagine anything more fun and exciting than a frozen yogurt shop that’s equipped with several soft serve frozen yogurt machines stocked with unique and delicious flavors – something new is introduced. But this time it doesn’t have to do with tasty flavors, a well-stocked toppings bar or a unique contest related to ice cream machines. Instead, it has to do with the container used to catch the frozen yogurt that is dispensed from the shop’s soft serve machines. What is it? It’s color-changing cups.

Color-changing cups, which are often referred to as “mood” cups or temperature-color-changing cups are designed to change colors when cold substances are added to them. And for a limited time, color-changing cups are being offered by Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt at participating locations. According to Menchie’s website, due to the fact that it’s currently Halloween season, they want everyone to get theirs before they disappear!

In a press release distributed by Menchie’s on September 29, 2014, Menchie’s is described as North America’s fastest growing self-serve frozen yogurt franchise. And in addition to offering color-changing cups for a limited time, Menchie’s utilized its press release to announce the franchise’s newest fall flavor, Harvest Pumpkin, which is now available in participating soft serve frozen yogurt machines in shop locations around the country.

As stated in the press release, “Beginning October 1st, Menchie’s is releasing their first magical cup that changes color when filled with frozen yogurt. Each white cup mysteriously comes to life, revealing hidden colors and spooky Halloween symbols. Fans can also fall into the season with a taste of Menchie’s latest featured flavor, Harvest Pumpkin, made with real pumpkin puree, cinnamon and ginger. Both the delicious Harvest Pumpkin flavor and color-changing cups will be available for the month of October, the perfect time for pumpkin festivities and deliciously spooky treats.”

Menchie’s mission statement is as follows: “We make you smile.”

How does Menchie’s make people smile? Several ways. First, Menchie’s offers promotional items such as color-changing cups during the Halloween season. Second, the franchise provides customers with delicious frozen yogurt flavors in its soft serve frozen yogurt machines. Third, Menchie’s has hundreds of franchise locations around the United States and the world – which means anyone who loves the taste of Menchie’s frozen yogurt can get a consistent product no matter which franchise they visit.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt’s website lists information on all of the flavors offered in their frozen yogurt machines, on the toppings offered in their toppings bar, and information on Menchie himself. Since the franchise’s color-changing cups are only going to be available for a limited time, make sure to visit a Menchie’s sometime in October!

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