Choosing the Flavors for Your Soft Serve Machine

You have got so many options when it comes to what you can put into the Spaceman USA soft serve ice cream machine. You might want to take it to the next level, or just take it around the block, but having one of our machines in your shop should inspire creativity. Let’s take a look at some flavor considerations.

Where is the soft serve machine being placed?

Is the soft serve ice cream that you’ll be serving part of an ice cream shop, food truck, buffet, or one of the many upscale restaurants adding soft serve to the menu? The frozen treat should fit the demographic to which you’re serving. If you’ve got a buffet that serves our older population, they might not appreciate your basil currant soft serve as much as the clientele of your food truck.

Gelato, yogurt, custard, or ice cream?  

The mixtures for each of these heavenly mixtures is different because of the egg solid content and the air content required for them. As a result, the pre-made base mixes are formulated differently. Some premade mix suppliers offer yogurt, but not gelato mixes, custard, but not ice cream mixes. There are some suppliers who would be more than happy to custom create your favorite blends, as well.

What flavors do you want?

This is perhaps the most important question, but maybe the most difficult to answer. As a business owner, you want something that sells. The range of soft serve flavors which you can offer in your establishment is only limited by the number of soft serve machines that you have.

We’ve got customers who create alcoholic soft serve using a base.

➨ Coconut rum soft serve (this flavor is absolutely HEAVENLY!)

➨ Dragon Stout soft serve

➨ Irish Stout soft serve

If you go non-alcoholic with your mixes, you have even more options available to you.

➨ Sorrel soft serve

Strawberry lemon basil sorbet

Pumpkin soy sorbet

Kahlua almond fudge (sounds yummy)

Many independent ice cream shops choose to go with a 75/25 mix when it comes to their flavors. 75% of the flavors that they have seem to be straightforward flavors that you would expect from a place that serves ice cream. The other 25% might be off-the-wall flavors or occasional flavors that are offered. This keeps the selection fresh, but it also keeps folks happy and introduces them to new experiences.

How much space do you have?

This might seem to be an odd question, but hear us out. When choosing a soft serve mix supplier, you have the choice of using a liquid or a powder for your mix. Each of these styles has their advantages and disadvantages.

The Liquid soft serve mix is already premixed, so all you have to do is pour it into your soft serve machine. Since it’s premixed, there is little room for error – you just pour it in and launch the machine. The boxes of liquid take up more space than the powdered base mixes.

The powder soft serve mix requires that you mix the powder with water to reconstitute the flavors into the mix, then pour it into the machine. It takes up less shelf space than the liquid mix, but there is also more possibility of error in flavors with too much or too little water. It lasts longer since it’s in powdered form, too.

The final verdict

Choosing the flavors for your Spaceman ice cream machine might turn out to be an art, but it’s well worth the creative journey in pleasing your customers and making their sweet dessert dreams come true. Since the process is all about tweaking and nudging the flavor boundaries, don’t be afraid to experiment with your own formulas… you might end up with a winner the first go-round.


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