Frozen Yogurt Machines for Doggie Daycare

Some business analysts will tell you that the frozen yogurt market is becoming oversaturated with both franchises and stand-alone shops. But what if your national market expanded by 80 million overnight? That’s right. 80 million eager, willing, and tail-waggingly happy customers all ready to slurp your frozen yogurt with abandon. It turns out that dogs […]

Popularity of Frozen Beverage Machines is Skyrocketing

Think frozen beverage machines are popular only during the summer? If so, think again. Frozen beverages have never been more popular than they are right now. The outdoor temperature no longer has anything to do cravings for frozen drinks. It used to be that customers would order drinks from frozen beverage machines when they wanted […]

Soft Serve Freezers are Giving Customers More Control

Soft Serve Freezers are Giving Customers More ControlHere we go again… we are once again talking about the debate between: self-serve soft serve freezers vs. behind-the-counter soft serve freezers. It’s unlikely that the discussion about which is better will ever end! Many soft serve franchises are holding firm on their belief that self-serve is better than behind-the-counter service, and others think just […]