Are Your Soft Serve Machines Green?

If your soft serve machines are green, congratulations! You’re taking an important step towards preserving the environment.

Soft serve machines that are “green” are not machines that have been covered in green paint. Instead, they are machines that promote an earth-friendly attitude.

Obviously soft serve machines require electricity to run. The machines must maintain a constant temperature in order to produce and distribute great tasting soft serve. It’s impossible to eliminate the need for electricity when you’re dealing with soft serve machines. However, some soft serve machines are more energy efficient than others. Therefore, before purchasing soft serve machines for your frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop, make sure to evaluate this aspect and select an option that has the smallest negative environmental impact.

What Else Can You Do?

There are several ways in which you can use your soft serve machines to promote environmental awareness. For example, you can post environmentally friendly ideas on your machines. If any of the ingredients in your soft serve machines are organic or were purchased from local suppliers – make sure to post a little note about these facts on the machines. Customers appreciate local establishments that support other local businesses.

Avoid Cups that are not Recyclable
Do you hand out sample cups at your soft serve shop? Customers do love sampling the flavors in your shop’s soft serve machines. However, if you offer sample cups, make sure they are made of recyclable materials. Customers often take sample cups that they don’t ultimately use. These cups end up in the trash – and this is not an environmentally smart practice.

Experiment with Organic Toppings
It’s likely that your customers enjoy the many toppings you offer in your shop. Many will consistently want typical toppings such as cookie dough, Snickers, gummi worms or chocolate chips. If you offer fruit as a selection, you might want to consider either organic fruit or fruit that you obtained from a local farmer’s market. Make sure to let your customers know these details via small sign. Again, customers appreciate organic choices and they will often pay a little bit more to support local farmers.

Ask Your Customers for Their Ideas
Kids as well as adults are great at coming up with smart ideas when it comes to helping the environment. If you would like additional ideas on how to make your shop’s soft serve machines more green, just ask your loyal fans! Who knows!? They might come up with a great idea on how to reduce the amount of soft serve that your shop wastes.

No matter what, the trend to be more green is here to stay. If you show that you are making an effort to make your soft serve machines as green as possible, your customer will appreciate your effort.

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