The Spaceman 6265H – Three Flavor, Two Twist, High Capacity Counter Top Soft Serve Machine is Ideal for Ice Cream, Custard, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, and Sorbet!

SPACEMAN 6265H – Three Flavor, Two Twist, High Capacity Counter Top Soft Serve Machine

The unique Spaceman 6265H is the only machine certified in the US for five handles! Offering three flavor and two twists, this model allows for more variation on the dessert menu. Good for ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, or sorbet, this model sits conveniently on the counter top and has three user-friendly digital control boards to adjust settings for each flavor independently. The hopper agitators will stir product throughout the day, saving operator time and ensuring an even cool in the hopper. Patented freezing technology on the 1.8qt cylinders means a super fast recovery time, producing up to 65 qts/hr, or more than 520 small servings every hour.

Product Offering
Offer Three Flavors and Two Twists with the Spaceman 6265H, the only USA commercially certified three flavor soft serve machine!

Freezing Cylinder
Three, 1.7 Liter (1.8 quarts)

Mix Hopper/ Hopper Agitator
Three, 8 Liters (8.5 quarts)
Separate hopper refrigeration maintains mix temperature below 4.40€ (40°F) during Cool and Standby modes. Hopper agitator keeps product mixed.

Mix Low Indicator
When mix level is low, the Mix Low light turns “ON” to alert operator to add mix.

Maintains product temperature in the mix hoppers and freezing cylinders below 4.4°C (40°F) during long no-use periods.

Microprocessor Controls
Automatically regulates refrigeration and maintains consistent product quality by controlling product temperature and viscosity.

Records number of dispenses per day and total number of dispenses.

Temperature Display
Displays hopper and cylinder temperature; helps control product safety.

65 Quarts/Hour

Safety Protections

  • Low temperature and motor overload cutouts protect from cylinder over freezing.
  • High pressure switch prevents compressor overheat.
  • Thermal overload protects from motor overheat.

Included Options
Hopper Agitator

Custom Options
Water Cooled, Air Chute, Spinner