Locate a Spaceman USA Sales Representative

If you are located outside of the United States, please click on the “contact us” tab at the top of this page and fill out the form to locate a Spaceman USA Sales Representative. We sell soft serve ice cream machines and frozen beverage machines in over 130 countries – all models are available in 50hz or 60hz options and certified to meet global health and safety standards.

Looking for a local sales rep to help find the best soft serve or frozen beverage machine? Here is a list of local Spaceman USA Sales Representatives:

Celco Inc. – celco.ca




Southern California, Nevada
Dynamic Equipment Solutions – desreps.com

Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso
Marjon & Associates – dlmarjon@msn.com – (505) 263-7946

Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska
Voeller Associates – voeller.com

Texas, Oklahoma
LMS Associates – lmsassociates.com

Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee
Roy Siegel and Associates – roysiegelassociates.com

Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas
Sterling Marketing and Sales – sterlingsales.biz

Veitch Group – vgrp.net/

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
Beacon Sales – beaconsalesgroup.com/

Illinois, Wisconsin
D.L.T Sales – dltsalesinc.com

Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania
Advantage Marketing Group – amgequipmentsales.com

Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, STL
Soft Serve Solutions – softservesolutions.biz

New Jersey North, New York, East Pennsylvania
TD Marketing – tdmarketingco.com

New Jersey South, Pennsylvania, Delaware
One Source Reps – osreps.com

New York
Icesurance – icesurance.com

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire
Butkevich Associates – butkevich.com

Minnesota, N. & S. Dakota, Northern Iowa, Western Wisconsin
Easy Bar Central – easybar-central.com

Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, S. Illinois
Goode Company Solutions – goodecosolutions.com


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