Spaceman USA Company

Spaceman company was founded in 1997 by a group of aerospace engineers who decided to utilize their knowledge of ice machine manufacturing to begin a business dedicated to the designing, developing, manufacturing of high quality soft serve ice cream and frozen beverage machines.

Almost 20 years later, the company has grown and expanded into one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of soft serve machines around the world.  We now have over 50,000 soft serve machines sold worldwide!  In 2013 we completed construction and moved into a new 250,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing  facility.  In 2016 we completed construction on an additional 225,000 square feet of manufacturing and engineering space – here we intend to grow our capacity as orders increase and design new models which will significantly increase the ease of use and experience of our users.

At Spaceman USA we are know for our customer service, best in class user experience, continuous innovation and improvement, and competitive prices.

We look forward to serving you!